Accessories and components for winches

By itself, a car winch can help out in the most difficult situations, so many SUV owners quite rightly start tuning with its installation. But the purchase of an electric winch entails the acquisition of a number of essential accessories.

In particular, a bark protection sling. It is clear that in the conditions of off-road competitions, its presence is mandatory. But the matter is not only and not so much in this. If you falter behind a tree without protecting its trunk from being cut by a cable, you risk destroying it. This is definitely unacceptable. A casing protector should always be used when screwing.

Another important thing is the pulley block. Even a very powerful winch at some point may not be able to cope with a tightly planted machine. And such a simple invention with a roller at its core is capable of doubling the traction.

Do not neglect the chain hoist. If you feel that the “pull” is getting hard, swan through the roller, save expensive mechanisms.

We also recommend that you pay attention to the reinforced steel shackles redBTR. Not every car has large towing eyes with good access to them. Then the shackle comes to the rescue. And in general - this is a fairly versatile thing that allows you to link various cables together.

The advantage of our shackles is that they are not only strong, but also look cool. It's also important.

There is also know-how: polyurethane inserts for ease of use.

In addition, there are also so-called soft shackles, soft "loops" made of synthetic rope, which are even more comfortable and versatile than their iron "brothers".

Finally, on the official website redBTR you can always buy synthetic ropes for winches of various thicknesses. There are also ready-made options with thimbles already woven in, and sold by the meter.
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