Shock absorbers

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Replacing standard suspension parts with modernized ones has a positive effect on the clarity of control and smoothness of the tuned SUV.

New shock absorbers redBTR are designed to meet the increased requirements of SUVs participating in trophy raids. The throttling valve system has been improved - compression / rebound characteristics are increased by 35% compared to standard shock absorbers. The rod with a diameter of 18 mm does not deform under increased loads.

UAZ shock absorber advantages from redBTR

  • The boot is resistant to low / high temperatures - special modifiers are included in the composition of the silicone
  • Stem double chrome plated - 18mm diameter
  • Polyurethane shock absorber protects the piston from deformation under dynamic loads
  • The stem seal ensures tightness, protects the working fluid from the ingress of foreign substances

CITY series dampers:
Many people use an SUV to move around the city and only occasionally off-road. We offer shock absorbers with characteristics that allow you to move more comfortably in urban conditions.

TROPHY shock absorbers:
Reinforced shocks for off-road use with improved compression/rebound damping and increased travel. They have proven themselves many times among participants in trophy raids and simply lovers of conquering off-road. In the Trophy series there are shock absorbers with increased length, for lifted cars.
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