Car winches

Installing a car winch is the most important step in preparing a car for conquering rough terrain. Whether you are an athlete-trophist, or a hunter-tourist, you cannot do without means of self-rescue on the roads.

Automotive electric winches redBTR are good just because they have options for heavy, professional use, and for more “ light" exits.

Mission Impossible series (currently labeled as “gen IV”, 4th generation), — this is just for uncompromising "cutting". Reliable, powerful, high-speed, with increased moisture protection. They will help not to yield to rivals, and then to surpass them.

Car winches red BTR of the more budgetary HUNTER series are also high-torque and reliable, but still not so ultimatum. They operate at slightly lower speeds, but also protect the generator with the battery.

Also in the assortment of our company there is winches for MISSION SOS evacuators. As usual, electric winches come with both synthetic and steel cables. It is especially noteworthy that some redBTR items can be bought cheaper in the form of a “carcass”, without a cable, wires, or a block of solenoids. This is suitable for those who want to replace exactly the mechanical part, saving on the “equipment”, which is already there.

An additional confirmation of the quality of redBTR electric winches, in addition to numerous positive user reviews, is the fact that since 2019 they have been officially installed at the factory off-road kits UAZ Hunter Expedition and UAZ SGR Kombi Expedition.
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