Extensive and bright illumination of the road surface is a guarantee that the driver will be able to respond adequately and in time to any changes in the situation. To increase the illumination area and improve its quality, you need an LED beam. It's also a common way to style an SUV in style and efficiency.

LED beam: design variations

Before proceeding with the installation of the LED beam on the roof of the car, it is necessary to decide for what purposes it will be used. To do this, follow the expert advice:

  1. Low beam should not be installed on a large SUV, as a bright light strip will simply illuminate the glass, thereby worsening visibility.
  2. For fans of fast trips, a beam with a high beam is suitable. It will make it possible to notice an obstacle at night or in conditions of poor visibility over a long distance and change the trajectory.
  3. For cross-country travel, it is better to install an LED bar on a combined type car.

More than that, it is important to choose the correct size of the structure itself so that it can be properly installed on the vehicle. Pay attention to power. It is available in the range from 10 to 300 W.

Reasons to buy an LED bar

If the car needs powerful light, a led beam will come in handy. Its installation is characterized by a number of advantages:

  1. The ability to install a light bar on the roof, bumper, grille. Top mounting makes it possible to conveniently adjust the backlight and get the maximum effect if you need to see the road at a long distance. Installing at the bottom of the car will provide a better view of the surrounding road conditions, while not having to deal with numerous shadows and blinding effects.
  2. Chandeliers for cars are presented in a wide variety. The design can be selected in accordance with the model of the car.
  3. Simple installation, allowing you to bring the wires and control buttons into the cabin. It is very important to include a fuse in the power circuit.

The price of a particular model depends on what modification the selected device has, and what power it has. But, in any case, the LED beam will allow you to inexpensively and efficiently expand the lighting area, which guarantees good visibility in bad weather conditions or at night.

Please note that it is worth buying an LED beam only for off-road driving, since such power of lighting equipment is unacceptable on public roads.

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