Towing accessories redBTR have been tested for durability many times, including in trophy raids.

content-img.png  Towing and dynamic lines redBTR are made of synthetic fibers that are resistant to stretching and deformation. Depending on the model, the maximum load that they can withstand is from 6 to 11 tons.

content-img.png  Towing hooks redBTR are hot forged from structural carbon steel (st20).

content-img.png  Brackets and tow adapters redBTR designed for operation on "American style" towbars - the most popular type towing structure for SUVs. The “American type” towbar receiver can insert any lowering / raising bracket (relevant for lifted cars).

content-img.png  Towbar balls redBTR are produced using a technology that provides surface treatment by nitrocarburizing to a depth of 1.3 mm . This allows the metal to be strong on the outside and retain plasticity on the inside - it does not break under increased loads.    

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