The steering damper is used to dampen harmful vibrations of the steering components, providing comfortable driving.

This product is most effective on SUVs when driving over rough terrain, where its presence is simply necessary, many manufacturers of off-road vehicles install it regularly.

The steering damper is a double-sided or single-acting shock absorber, in the first case, the compression / rebound characteristics are approximately equal in magnitude, in the second case, a spring is installed on the damper to return the steering wheel to zero.

In most cases, the damper is mounted on a longitudinal or transverse steering rod or steering rack.

Models are distinguished by the method of attachment, these can be rod-rod, ear-ear, rod-ear designs.

The steering damper works properly and for a long time if small angles of geometry divergence between the damper axis and the steering rod axis on which it is installed are provided. Small fracture angles reduce the load on damper bushings and increase damping efficiency.

The redBTR company produces a steering damper for UAZ Patriot, Hunter cars, as well as for SUVs of any brand. For UAZ vehicles, a set of brackets for installing a damper on a car is offered.

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