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Many owners note that even a new UAZ bought quickly begins to suffer from unpleasant slackness and uncomfortable suspension, it is worse to keep straight, etc. The reasons for this have been clarified: numerous bushings and silent blocks are made of cheap rubber. They break, and microplays appear in various units. It would seem that, upon separate examination, one or another node is still in good condition, there are no critical beats, so, the rubber band “plays” slightly. But in sum, such "games" give the general looseness of the machine's behavior.

But, of course, there is a way out. Replacing rubber bushings and silent blocks with polyurethane ones. redBTR, in assortment which you will find shock absorber bushings, silent blocks of springs and rods made of high-quality polyurethane.

Please note that the prices are not very high. That is, by spending quite a bit of money, you will make the road behavior of your car much more stable.
It is possible to extend the life of an SUV's suspension by replacing standard rubber components with polyurethane ones. The redBTR polyurethane parts are made from Duothane brand two-component polyurethane. They are three times stronger than rubber, resistant to oils, gasoline and alkalis. The redBTR polyurethane parts help improve the off-road handling. Resistant to deformation, aggressive media and temperature changes from -70°C to +110°C. Optimum Shore hardness. Pull-off force >50 Nm.
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