A rack jack is perhaps one of the first accessories that a person who has begun to go off-road acquires. Indeed, this is a fairly versatile thing - you can lift the car, you can use it as a winch. The latter is not so easy to perform, but if you are stuck somewhere, and there is nowhere to wait for help, this option will help you a lot, believe me.

redBTR offers classic versions rack jacks - meter and one and a half meters. Also here you will find useful accessories: repair kit of the main mechanism, a platform under the heel (otherwise, under load it sinks into soft soils), a handle holder (so as not to rattle on the road), a cover for transportation, mounting on the spare wheel bracket, etc.

However, the other two devices are the most important! We are talking about hooks for lifting the wheel. After all, not all SUVs are equipped with power thresholds and bumpers so that you can "hijack" for them. This is where hooks come to the rescue, with which you can carry out a hook on the rim.

If your car is equipped with steel bumpers, we can offer another useful thing - a hook with a chain for lifting by the edge of the security officer or by a special cutout. With its use, the fixation of the raised car is more reliable, there is no danger that the “beak” of the jack will slip off and the car will fall down.
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