Rack and pinion jack redBTR will help lift the car even from a deep rut thanks to its low lift.

Design characteristics of rack jack

This device can work both vertically and horizontally as a hand winch or clamp. The principle of operation is simple. The process is based on the interaction of the ratchet mechanism with the rail, which has proven to be durable and reliable. 

The design is equipped with a comfortable handle, has a smooth ride, guarantees a sufficiently high lift. You can stop the ascent or descent at any height within the available range.

Benefits of rack jacks

Before you buy a rack jack, you should study the advantages of its use:

  1. The maximum lift height of the vehicle is 135 cm.
  2. It is suitable not only for passenger cars, but also for SUVs weighing up to 3t.
  3. Relatively light weight (up to 13.5 kilograms), given that the Hi-Jack structure is made of cast iron and steel.
  4. Ability to use as a hand winch or clamp.
  5. If the operating rules are followed, the mechanical jack will retain its original technical characteristics for a long time.
  6. Affordable car accessory.

When working with a rack jack, it is important to adhere to safety regulations. This ensures that the task can be completed faster, efficiently and without injury. To prolong the life of the lever device, it should be regularly treated with a universal penetrating spray and stored in a case.

If you often travel off-road in a UAZ, jeep or even a car, you need to understand that extreme conditions significantly increase the risk of getting stuck in unstable ground or damaging some vehicle elements. Therefore, it is worth getting a rack type jack redBTR to be prepared for any circumstances.

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