The lack of power of a standard vehicle lighting system is a common problem faced by many motorists who operate their car on rough terrain or live in regions with adverse weather conditions. Also, the standard lighting system may not satisfy lovers of hunting, fishing and fans of motor sports.

This problem can be solved by installing additional LED headlights.


Unlike the main headlights, the additional light lighting equipment is divided into a number of subspecies, each of which has its own performance characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

  • LED spotlights that are optimal for off-road vehicles. They emit a huge amount of light, which allows you to efficiently illuminate not only the track, but also the shoulders.
  • LED fog lights that illuminate the roadway during inclement weather.
  • Beam headlamps that improve visibility with narrow beams. Headlights of this type can have a tunnel or flood beam type. The second type allows you to effectively illuminate the roadside, but dazzles the drivers of oncoming cars.
  • Dipped beam headlights allow you to complement and enhance the standard optics.

Selection criteria

  • Number of LEDs and their type.
  • The type of fasteners. Allocate a universal mounting system that is suitable for all types of vehicles, and a special one that is used on ATVs and motorcycles.
  • Distinctive features of a particular model, including moisture protection, glass color, the level of protection of the case from mechanical damage, etc.
  • Headlight shape. There are round, square and beam-type headlights, which have an oblong shape and are characterized by high power due to the row arrangement of a large number of LEDs.
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