The transfer case is designed to transmit and distribute torque from the gearbox to the front and rear axles of the SUV, as well as to select the movement of the car in direct or downshift mode.

A downshift is needed when the engine torque is not enough to drive the car confidently, for example, when driving on a muddy field, on virgin snow, or on a steep slope. For a UAZ vehicle with a manual transfer case, the standard reduction factor is 1.94, which means that when the downshift is switched on, the torque transmitted to the drive axles will increase by almost 2 times, and the engine will work without overloads.

When installing large-sized wheels, a situation arises when the standard reduction factor of 1.94 is no longer enough, and when driving on unstable soils, it is important that the wheels do not break into axle boxes and rotate at a minimum speed, ensuring uniform vehicle movement. In such cases, the transfer case should be tuned by setting the lowering with the desired coefficient.

On UAZ vehicles, there are transfer boxes (RK) with spur and helical (since 2005) gears, this should be taken into account when choosing a reduction kit.

The redBTR company produces lowering kits for the transfer case of UAZ vehicles with coefficients:

  • 3,3 for spur RC;
  • 2.9 for helical RC;
  • 3.26 for helical RH.

redBTR lowering sets have the following benefits:

  • gear teeth are subjected to shaving operations (treatment of the working surface of the teeth to remove roughness);
  • parts undergo surface saturation with carbon and oil quenching to give the necessary strength to working surfaces;
  • pairs of gears are selected according to the minimum noise level on the stand, and rolled to each other to obtain the maximum contact patch on the teeth.

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