Despite the archaism, the drum brake system is still used on many machines. Basically, of course, on the rear axles. UAZ SUVs are no exception. Everything would be fine, but it is in the case of cars from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant that this system is doubly unsuccessful.

To mediocre efficiency is added a rather strong creakiness, especially in wet weather.

In addition, for SUVs often used in heavy off-road, drum brakes are generally the least suitable: they become clogged with dirt and practically stop working. And in order to fix it, to clean it, it is necessary to disassemble the entire structure. Well, we must not forget that on asphalt when braking from high speeds, disc brakes are always more effective.

That is why the company redBTR has developed thoughtful, high-quality disc brake kits for the rear axle of UAZ Hunter, Patriot and SGR (old cargo row, Loafs ).

Versions are available both for a modern system with a hand brake on calipers, and suitable for the implementation of a handbrake on a transfer case.
It is possible to equip both perforated and conventional brake discs. The kits are completely ready for installation, nothing to buy or modify is required.
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