Suspension lift kits

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It's no secret that the lion's share of the cross-country ability of an SUV depends on the wheels, including their size. Every added inch in tire size makes the car better off-road.

The most correct solution for installing wheels with a larger diameter is a suspension lift.

Of course, the body lift has the right to life. With its use, all other details remain standard, for many this is important. Therefore, a bodylift for UAZ is also in the range of redBTR.

But if you want to increase the carrying capacity of the machine, compensate for all installed winches, power bumpers, etc., then there is only one way out - lift the suspension.

We can offer you to buy both complete lift kits for UAZ Hunter, Patriot, Pickup, Cargo (reinforced springs, oil shock absorbers, upgraded spacers, earrings, spring ladders), as well as individual components.

In particular, high-quality spacers spring-bridge, spring-frame. After all, for example, for the Patriot of the modern model range, only the rear suspension lift can be relevant, without changes in the front - regular springs quickly sag.
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