The regular breathers on the axles, gearbox and transfer case of UAZ vehicles serve to relieve excess pressure inside the units, this is necessary so that the lubricant is not squeezed out through the seals when the internal pressure increases when the units are heated during operation, as well as in the opposite situation, when heated units, falling into the aquatic environment, are quickly cooled, while a vacuum (negative pressure) is created in them, which can lead to water and dirt getting inside the units. But regular breathers often do not cope with this task due to souring, internal corrosion and external contamination.

The preferred conditions for the operation of the units is the situation when the internal pressure is equal to the external pressure. Such conditions are provided by breather outlet kits, consisting of a set of fittings, tees and hoses, which are quite easy to install on a car.

redBTR redBTR breather outlet kit creates zero pressure (the pressure in the units corresponds to the ambient pressure) inside the cavities of the transmission units - eliminates the penetration of moisture to the axles , transfer box, gearbox.

Kits are produced for various configurations of UAZ Patriot, Hunter and cargo series.

The breather outlet kit you have purchased ensures that the connections are sealed to IP67. It is achieved through the use of protective cuffs that fix collet clamps on fittings and tees.

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