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In this section, you can explore and buy numerous accessories related to the body of SUVs and ATVs.

A large assortment is offered, in particular, UAZ body lift. The kits include a set of high quality nylon spacers with strong bolts, washers and self-locking nuts. A variety of body lift kits is presented both for UAZ models (Patriot, Hunter, Loaf), and for the height of the spacers. There are standard sizes of 40-50 mm, and specific, but highly demanded 80-100 mm, which not all competitors can boast of.

Also, many will be interested in universal Wheel arch extensions. Here, redBTR also offers the common 35mm and 60mm widths, as well as the rare 100mm version for vehicles on wheels with big flight. There is also a specialized kit - arch extensions for an ATV. In any case, redBTR arch fenders are elastic and wear-resistant, well resist high and low temperatures, aggressive environments.

Another advantageous difference between our products is that, whether you are going to buy arch extensions for UAZ or any other SUV, they have a special groove for installing wire. It will give some rigidity, the desired shape, protect it from sagging.

Those who operate the car in forests and mountains can purchase from us steel headlight protection for UAZ. Entire kits for Hunter, Loaf are presented, allowing you to completely protect all the optics in a circle. But you can also buy separate items, for example, to protect only the main headlights, turn signals or a reversing light.

The accessories are made carefully and precisely so that the installation does not cause problems and at the same time everything looks aesthetically pleasing. Powder coating guarantees long-term absence of corrosion.

Those jeepers who often drive through bushes and forests know that not only optics, but also the windshield needs protection. For this purpose, twig cutters, otherwise known as twig cutters. Traditionally, when a branch cutter was needed for a UAZ, NIVA or other SUV, it had to be made by hand, running around the shops and buying cables, lanyards, and other accessories.

redBTR decided to save you from such difficulties by presenting prefabricated wood chipper kits. They contain the “right” components that are not so easy to purchase separately. In particular, good eye nuts, thimbles, cable clamps. The cable itself is available in a choice of 6 or 8 mm thickness.

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