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A car winch is simply necessary for lovers of real adventures - hunters, fishermen or participants of off-road competitions. If necessary, it is often possible to move off-road situations in which the car will get bogged down in unstable ground and will not be able to get out of the trap on its own. The presence of a winch for a car can solve most of these troubles.

Purpose of the automotive electric winch and features of use

Autoloaders redBTR operate from the on-board mains voltage 12 V and 24 V. The assortment includes both stationary and portable models. And also with the help of a special portable platform, the stationary model can be made mobile and installed both in front and behind the machine if necessary.

As a cable attachment on the ground, use strong and stationary objects that can withstand the weight of the car. These can be trees, stumps, rocks, or another vehicle.

Automotive electric winches allow the driver to solve a difficult situation on their own, without involving third parties or special services. The fact is that the mechanism works from the control panel. And this greatly simplifies the process of pulling the car out of the mud, swamp or pit.

How to decide on the choice of an autoloader

To buy a car winch, it is necessary to initially determine the characteristics that the device should have. The first thing you should pay attention to is which cars the model is designed for - for passenger cars or off-road vehicles. The choice of the traction force of the mechanism will directly depend on this. Please note that it is worth choosing an automatic winch with a power reserve, given that the vehicle may be loaded.

An important parameter is the design of the device itself, the dimensions, as well as the method of attachment to the car for pulling. There are various models of electric car winches on sale, and their prices vary depending on the modification and characteristics. But, in any case, this is simply a necessary solution if a motorist often has to drive on bad roads or participate in sports competitions.

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