Car winches from this section are suitable for installation on power bumpers and special kenguryatniks in an open way. In particular, on the UAZ Hunter and other old-fashioned SUVs.

It's all about the integrated block of solenoids, which is not removable. On the one hand, this is exactly what will not allow you to install the winch hidden in the bumper.

On the other hand, 12V electric winches made in a monolithic version are initially easier to install, they are less afraid of dirt and moisture (although, in any case, there is protection according to the IP68 standard), and in general, there is a certain external brutal aesthetics in such an arrangement.

Also, with similar characteristics, winches for SUVs with an integrated unit can be bought somewhat cheaper than analogues with removable solenoids. And this option is well suited for installation on platforms for carrying, because in this case, dismantling of the unit is never required.

redBTR COUNTRY SIDE GEN II winches are available in 9.5 and 12 thousand pounds for vehicles weighing 2.5 - 3 tons. This tractive effort is sufficient for most average 4x4 vehicles.

Both options are equipped with synthetic cables and radio remotes.
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