Tow Truck Winch is the most powerful pulling unit to handle virtually any hauled load. After all, it is one thing to take a car out of the mud, which still helps itself with its wheels, and another thing is to drag onto a platform, for example, an immobilized car after an accident. Since the tasks are specific, the winch for the tow truck is somewhat different from the usual one.

It winds the rope a little slower, but it does it more smoothly and confidently, because an extra strong and large three-stage planetary gearbox is installed inside, which can withstand extreme loads.

Also distinctive features are absolutely clear operation of the brake mechanism and a cable of increased cross section. Both are extremely important during evacuation. In our company you can buy a winch for a tow truck for an on-board network of 12 and 24 volts.

Available in both 13,500 lb. towing capacity for moving relatively small vehicles, and 17,000 lb. towing capacity for a tow truck.
Also, one should not forget that such winches are quite applicable not only for evacuation, but also for off-road operation on heavy trucks such as GAZ 66, Sadko and other large off-road vehicles like, for example, large American pickups.
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