The Quattro Crazy ATV winch is the optimal solution for riding on the beaten tourist routes, away from paved roads. The model differs in reliability, ease of installation and small weight. It is a useful addition to a country trip, from which you plan to get only pleasant impressions. Can also be used on snowmobiles and boat trailers to pull the boat up.

The Quattro Sport snowmobile and ATV winch is for those who like to take risks, defy the elements and test the capabilities of their vehicle. This winch is an ideal choice at an affordable price if you are a regular participant in trophy raids, a fan of extreme off-roading and an ardent opponent of conventions and rules. Also, these winches are installed on all-terrain vehicles and buggies.

Snowmobile and ATV winch safety guidelines

  • Always use a hand guard (winch hook tape) when handling the hook
  • keep clear of winch, rope and hook when operating;
  • do not lift or move people with a winch;
  • do not use a winch to hold loads;
  • Use a rope damper when operating the winch;
  • Always wear thick leather gloves when working with the rope;
  • Make sure there are no people, animals or foreign objects in the path of the load and in the area of ​​possible damage by the cable.

The electric winch for the ATV is powered by a 12 V on-board network and is controlled by a remote control, which is included in the kit. Also included is a wired remote-button with a bracket for attaching to the steering wheel of an ATV or snowmobile. Do not overload and overheat the winch! Use block pulley to increase power at loads above 1/2 of rated pulling force. Each block reduces the load on the winch and cable by 50%.

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