redBTR HUNTER winches are named so for a reason. After all, it is this series that is installed by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant on the Hunter and Loaf (SGR) models in the Expedition configuration. In addition, there is a version of the winch with a platform for standard installation in the UAZ Patriot bumper. This fact speaks for itself - these car winches are reliable and proven.

In general, the range of electric winches redBTR HUNTER is considered to be a budget one, and the prices are really very affordable compared to many competitors. You can buy such a winch for an SUV at a price of 27 thousand rubles.

There is also an option in the form of the so-called "carcasses", which has no cable, block solenoids and electrical wires. But low cost in this case does not mean low quality. The redBTR company is meticulous in the development and production of products sold under its own brand. Therefore, the performance and reliability of the mechanisms in this case does not raise questions.

In addition, these automotive electric winches at an affordable cost are equipped with some accessories from, so to speak, a more premium segment. We are talking, in particular, about radio remote control, which is equipped with any redBTR HUNTER winch.

It should also be noted that this series includes not only products applicable for UAZ and similar large SUVs. 12 volt car winches with a pulling force of 2700 kg are also offered. (6000 pounds), which are perfect for NIVA 2121 and NIVA Chevrolet (now Travel).

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