UAZ vehicles remain the most popular off-road vehicles on the Russian market, as they remain the only ones that offer unrivaled off-road performance at affordable prices.

Accordingly, many buyers take the products of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant precisely in order to use them outside the asphalt. This means that such owners must prepare the car for off-road, and one of the important stages of such preparation is to buy and install an electric winch on the UAZ.

The company redBTR is sensitive to the needs of customers, and therefore offers winches specially designed for installation on the Hunter and Bukhanka models. We are talking about versions of the HUNTER 9.5 with steel cables and special cast-iron hawses that allow you to put such a winch on a Loaf or Hunter, as they say, “he bolt”, that is, without alterations.

Moreover, it is these winches that come from the factory in Expedition special configurations. This fact means that the products have passed comprehensive tests and their quality has earned the confidence of the automaker itself. And it also means that the redBTR HUNTER 9.5 car winch can officially be installed on the UAZ Hunter or Loaf - after all, it is “assigned” in the vehicle type approval. This is a huge advantage, nothing needs to be done additionally.

Otherwise, everything is traditional for redBTR: excellent moisture protection, overall reliability due, in particular, to the use of special gearbox gear teeth, which do not deform even under maximum loads (hardness up to 35 (HRC) units on the Rockwell scale). We also emphasize a good package with a radio remote control and all the fasteners and wiring necessary for a specific UAZ model.
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