This section presents electric winches for those SUVs that are used in the toughest conditions or, for example, in trophy raids. Actually, the name speaks for itself. There are no small low-power varieties in this case, only high-performance automobile winches with improved quality components. There are powerful motors, and enlarged internal gears, and reinforced cases, and increased moisture protection.

Of course, the kit comes with everything you need: radio remote controls, clouses, fasteners.

Also note that winches of the redBTR MISSION IMPOSSIBLE GEN IV series are equipped only with synthetic ropes, because the calculation is for more professional use, in competitions no one rides with "steel" for a long time.

At the same time, traditionally for our company, you can buy an electric winch for an SUV in the form "carcasses" without wiring and cable. This is very beneficial when the entire “architecture” is already there, but you just need to replace the unit itself, which has worn out under trophy conditions.

But in general, buying winches redBTR is always profitable. After all, with excellent quality and good equipment, our prices are very competitive, plus regular customers can always count on additional discounts.

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