Body lift

UAZ body lift is a budgetary, and therefore a very popular way to get larger wheels. We will immediately point out that for some other purposes the bodylift is not used. Indeed, when the body is raised, the distance from the axle housing to the ground does not change in any way, so the patency does not increase.

So it makes sense to buy a lift kit for UAZ only when you plan to install bigger wheels. The redBTR company offers bodylift kits with high-quality caprolon spacers and strong, corrosion-resistant fittings. The most common version is 50 mm. Whatever model you choose a lift for - UAZ Patriot, UAZ Hunter, UAZ Loaf - this size allows you to lift without changing other parameters of the car.

Yes, we have both 80mm and 100mm spacer kits, which are also used by many Jeepers because they allow you to fit bigger tires.
Just do not forget that in this case you also need to buy spacers for the drive of the transfer case and gearbox levers, various extension rods. In addition, you will have to intervene in the cooling system, replacing some pipes with enlarged ones, installing elongated brake hoses, etc. But it cannot be said that these are unsolvable problems, people buy, install, modify and are very pleased with the result.
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We also note that redBTR produces UAZ body lift kits in black. They are not conspicuous at all, unlike white ones, and therefore the issue of making changes to the design can not be raised.

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