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Installing hubs on UAZ is useful both on urban routes and for rough terrain. On public roads, the hub disengagement clutch will help reduce fuel consumption, and in off-road conditions will extend the life of the front axle parts. The type of inclusion of car hubs redBTR is mechanical. To activate such a wheel hub, the driver needs to get out of the car and manually disconnect / connect the front axle drive. This type of mechanism is characterized by a high degree of reliability and durability.

Advantages of UAZ hubs redBTR

  • Silicone grip seal ensures a tight seal
  • Rigid spring for fixing gear engagement when clutches are engaged
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C

redBTR hubs come in two series:

Series X - The body is made by casting - a reliable option for off-road.

For SUVs of the UAZ family with a wheel diameter of up to 35 inches.

Z-Series – The body is made by cold forming – resistant to extreme loads.

For cars participating in trophy-raids and SUVs of the UAZ family with a wheel diameter of up to 38 inches.

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