The steering tip is a spherical joint, it serves to transfer force from the steering mechanism, by means of steering rods, to the knuckles. Provides mobility in the joints, also used to adjust the toe of the steered wheels of the car.

For UAZ vehicles, there are collapsible (serviced) and non-collapsible (non-serviceable) steering tips.

4 lugs are installed on the car (2 pcs. for the longitudinal steering rod and 2 pcs. for the transverse), the ratio of the number of lugs with left and right threads depends on the model and equipment of the car.

Tips manufactured by redBTR are installed on all models of UAZ cars: Patriot, Hunter, old cargo series.

The benefits of steering tips redBTR:

  • non-separable design, the tip is completely sealed, does not require maintenance, the tip is filled with synthetic grease, which retains its properties at temperatures from -45 to + 110 ° C;
  • Tie pin tip hardened and ground, chrome plated to resist corrosion and ensure smooth force transfer;
  • The steering tip pin and body are ultrasonic tested at the factory to detect parts with defects, ensuring the reliability and safety of the car's steering system;
  • the sphere of the steering tip finger works in a caprolon bushing with especially strong and wear-resistant properties, the finger shift force is at least 30 N/m;
  • uses a transparent silicone boot to control the presence of lubricant in the tip;
  • Supplied with body and pin thread protectors, castle nut and cotter pin included.
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