Branch pipes of the cooling system are designed to supply and drain coolant to the radiator and elements of the cooling system.

On the conveyor, cars are equipped with rubber pipes, as they are cheaper, but they have significant drawbacks:

  • rubber "dubs" (loses flexibility) from temperature changes, especially in winter, begins to pass coolant through leaks in the joints;
  • rubber aging occurs after 2-3 years, cracks appear in the places where the clamps are covered, the nozzles need to be replaced with new ones;
  • Over time, delamination of the inner layers of rubber can occur, which will prevent the passage of coolant and lead to incorrect operation of the cooling system.

To solve the above disadvantages, there are silicone pipes, the company red BTR offers sets of pipes for the cooling system for the entire model range of UAZ Patriot, Hunter, loaf (cargo series).

Advantages of silicone nozzles:

  • resistant to temperature extremes, remain elastic at temperatures from -50 ° C to +200 ° C, provide a reliable connection;
  • are not subject to aging, the service life of silicone nozzles can reach 20 years;
  • have high strength, up to 3 times stronger than rubber;
  • silicone is a neutral material, not affected by coolant components, sunlight.

The price of silicone pipes is higher compared to rubber ones, but this is offset by their reliability.

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