Each car owner understands that there is a certain cross-country threshold for his vehicle. And, if the car is stuck, overcoming off-road obstacles, automobile portable winches can help out. Unfortunately, not all cars are equipped with such equipment. Changing the design characteristics of the vehicle may be prevented by body modification or the risk of losing warranty service. The way out of the situation is precisely a portable winch, powered by a voltage of 12 volts.

Features of a portable winch for an SUV

Portable winches work on the same principle as stationary ones. The equipment will be attached to the towing eye of the machine. The second end of the device can be attached to a tree or other strong and immovable object.

Portable winches are not able to pull out of strong viscous mud if most of the car is immersed in a swamp. In addition, they are only suitable for small SUVs. However, you can always carry a portable winch for a car with you in the trunk, having the confidence that you are not afraid of off-road.

The benefits of a portable electric winch

A portable winch for an SUV is characterized by a number of advantages:

  1. absolute mobility;
  2. convenient design: the device is presented in the form of a box, box, suitcase;
  3. removable mobile structure is easy to use and sold with a remote control;
  4. enough pulling force to pull the crossover when running on 12v;
  5. A portable winch on a machine will not void a valid warranty.

You can buy a portable electric winch at an affordable price, considering how much use it can bring in case of unforeseen circumstances. Due to its compactness, the portable device can be taken with you on any trip. The hinged structure is the best solution for cars weighing up to 1.8 tons.

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