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The suspension of an SUV is one of the most important elements, because it must combine simplicity, efficiency and reliability. When operating a car in off-road conditions, it is on the suspension that all the blows from the obstacles overcome fall. Also, when preparing an SUV, the weight increases significantly, due to the installation of additional equipment and equipment carried with them. redBTR engineers have developed various solutions to modify the suspension: shock absorbers and springs of various stiffness, reinforced levers, polyurethane silent blocks, etc .

Suspension tuning is the most correct way to lift the car to install enlarged wheels. In addition, reinforced shock absorbers and springs redBTR are installed to increase the load capacity, compensate for the weight of power bumpers, trunks, winches, etc .

Both individual components and elevator kits for UAZ Hunter and Patriot entirely.

In addition to tuning, you can buy suspension parts from us instead of regular ones. In particular, springs, oil and gas-oil shock absorbers with standard characteristics, but improved quality. It's no secret that the UAZ factory suspension demonstrates mediocre characteristics.

And with spare parts from redBTR the behavior of the machine is significantly improved. This applies not only directly to springs and shock absorbers, but also to the almost eternal ones we offer polyurethane bushings, reinforced silentblocks, etc .

I would like to pay special attention to front longitudinal bars (otherwise called clubs) of increased strength with a modified castor +3 degrees.
It is well known that such an angle makes the UAZ car much more manageable.

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