The axle shaft of the rear axle of the UAZ car is used to transmit torque from the differential to the wheel hubs.

The range of rear axle axles redBTR covers the entire range of UAZ Patriot, Hunter and the old cargo range with Spicer, Timken, Hybrid and Geared (Military) axles.

Half shafts manufactured by redBTR are made of selective alloy steel with subsequent hardening, this allows them to take a much higher load compared to the standard half shaft. Hardening is carried out by high-frequency currents to a depth of 5-7 mm, the core remains plastic for the axle shaft to work in twisting, which allows it to withstand shock loads without destruction.

The flanges on the axle shafts are removable, if necessary, it is possible to install hubs (couplings for disengaging the wheels), for example, with a welded differential, you can disable one wheel for driving on paved roads.

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