Wheel spacers are used to upgrade the SUV and improve its off-road performance. They are installed between the hub and the disc and are used to solve two main tasks:

  • widen the track of the car, which allows you to increase the off-road qualities of the vehicle
  • install wheels that are not adapted to a specific car model and have a different offset, which allows you to improve the quality characteristics of the car, as well as improve its appearance

Company redBTR offers two types of wheel adapters: a spacer on the disc hub with bolts and spacer washers.

Wheel spacers with studs

These adapters are designed with pressed-in wheel studs. The spacers themselves are attached to the hub of the car with regular studs and special nuts that come with the kit. After that, the car disk is fixed on the adapter using standard nuts. This design eliminates the need for longer wheel studs.

Universal spacers

This type of adapter is ideal for situations where you only need to widen your wheelbase slightly to fit rims with a higher negative offset. Also, this type of adapter allows you to avoid undercutting the calipers when installing non-standard discs.

What is important to consider when ordering wheel spacers

When choosing spacers for the hub, it is very important to choose the optimal size. For your safety, do not exceed the permitted wheel offset. Remember that track wideners carry significant loads as part of a car's transmission, so they must be made of quality materials.

However, properly selected aluminum hub spacers redBTR can not only radically change the exterior of the car, but also increase the handling and stability of the car, for redistribution of the center of gravity. With an affordable price and high quality ratio, the installation of adapters is a completely rational solution for tuning a car and improving its off-road performance.

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