Factory wheel arches are set based on the diameter of the wheels. If the driver wants to install larger tires, while protecting the car from dirt while driving, arch extensions will be needed. The main thing is to choose the right size of the part, because not only the price, but also the quality of protection depends on it.

What are wheel arch extensions for

The arches not only hide the wheels of the car behind them, but also "accept" everything that flies out from under the wheels: dust, dirt and water. In addition, this part allows you to protect the car body from damage. Indeed, in the process of off-road driving, stones can fly out from under the wheels and hit the body, most often the fender. As a result, the integrity of the paintwork is violated, corrosion begins.

That is why, if the vehicle was equipped with larger wheels, you should buy universal wheel arch extensions. An ideal option for SUVs would be a tape arch extension. It looks quite organic and has a number of advantages:

  • not afraid of blows;
  • works well with the function of mudguards;
  • easy to install;
  • universal;
  • protects the car body;
  • Affordable tape price.

How to properly install universal arch extensions

The kit with rubber arch extensions includes all the necessary accessories for installation. It is important to correctly measure the length of the arches along the flanging, and then cut the tape of the same size. Further, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • insert the expander into the profile;
  • drilling holes in the tape, profile and flanging;
  • fix the structure with a self-tapping screw;
  • we apply automotive plasticine to the protruding part of the screws.

The universal arch extension is made of high quality thermoplastic elastomer and is characterized by durability and practicality.

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