The final drive gears transmit torque from the cardan shaft to the rear axle shaft and the front axle steering knuckle joints. The set consists of a driving and driven gears, the leading one is installed in the axle housing, the driven one is on the differential housing.

How to choose the main pairs for UAZ

The main pairs are produced with different gear ratios - for how many revolutions of the drive gear the driven gear will complete one revolution. The gear ratio is determined by dividing the number of teeth of the driven gear by the number of teeth of the drive gear, for example, 37:8=4.625. Different gear ratios are needed for the most optimal transmission performance, depending on the vehicle equipment.

For UAZ vehicles, several types of axles with gear ratios are used:

  1. "Timken", (aka "Kolkhozny" in the folk style) for models 452, 469, 3151 (4.625, 5.125)
  2. "Reduced", aka "military", for models 469, 3151 (5.38 including final drives)
  3. Hybrid, for Hunter and cargo range (4,625)
  4. Spicer, for Patriot, Hunter (4.625 petrol, 4.11 diesel)
  5. Spicer with open fists for Patriot, Profi (4.625, 4.11)

The quality of the main pairs depends on many factors, this is a special selective alloy steel, forged blanks must be processed on specialized precision equipment, multi-stage heat treatment and control of the degree of manufacturing accuracy, noise characteristics.

When replacing the final drive gears, it is important to observe the following condition: kits with the same gear ratio must be installed on the rear and front axles of the vehicle, otherwise the transmission elements will break due to different speeds of rotation of the drive wheels.

The installation and adjustment of the main pairs requires special attention, if there is no necessary experience, the kit should be installed at a professional service station.

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