On the front axle of all-wheel drive UAZ vehicles there are pivot assemblies. This mechanism ensures the transmission of torque to the wheels even at the moment of their rotation. The key part of this device is the kingpin itself. The maneuverability and responsiveness of the steering largely depend on its quality and characteristics.

The most common are the following types of sets of UAZ pivots:

  • "on the ball"
  • cylindrical T-shaped
  • on bearing
  • with spherical support

Design features of the repair kit for pivots with bronze inserts

Spherical bearing king pins are characterized by relative simplicity of design and improved properties. The device consists of a finger with a polished hemisphere, which rests against a bronze insert.

These pivots are much better able to withstand fist deviations that occur in the vertical plane of the UAZ. That is why the product has a long operational period.

For periodic lubrication of the friction surface, an oiler is built into the kingpin.

There are options with plastic spacers, but they have proven to be not so reliable.

Why is it worth buying high-quality pivots for UAZ

A set of UAZ pivots must be made in accordance with all the features of the car. Only in this case, the mechanism will cope with the load placed on it. The kingpin assemblies must be very tightly connected to the fist body even while the car is moving.

To say that the time has come to replace the mechanism or its components with a UAZ can be constant impacts of the steering wheel, increased and uneven tire wear, the appearance of characteristic squeaks and squealing sounds when turning or in the process of gaining speed. Remember that the failure of this unit can lead to serious malfunctions, the repair of which will cost more than the cost of the pivots on the UAZ.

redBTR offers sets of pivots for UAZ Patriot, Hunter, Profi, Loaf, 469 vehicles equipped with Spicer and Hybrid axles.

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