Reinforced brake hose with metal braid

The company redBTR presents an innovative development for UAZ vehicles: reinforced brake hoses in a metal braid.

content-img.png "UAZ" brake hoses made of rubber are installed. The hydraulic brake system constantly checks the strength of the brake hoses: the rubber hose does not always adequately withstand increased loads, it is subject to deformation and rupture. Double reinforced stainless steel braided hose significantly increases the efficiency of the brake system, significantly reducing pressure loss. The metal braid protects the hose from physical wear: it protects it from scuffs, scuffs and scratches. Double crimping securely fixes the hose in the fitting, which increases the overall resistance of the hydraulic brake system to increased loads.

content-img.png Laboratory testing of brake hoses, carried out by redBTR engineers, proved the integrity of the structure of reinforced brake hoses at pressures up to 800 bar and resistance to temperatures ranging from -50 to +120 ° C. Tests in real conditions were carried out by athletes of the redBTR SPORT team on a UAZ HUNTER car during the Ladoga 2016 trophy-raid. The braking system proved to be reliable in swampy terrain, unstable soils and steep slopes.

content-img.png Serial production made it possible to make a price reinforced brake hoses available to all owners of cars of the UAZ family.
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