A snorkel is a specialized automotive accessory that reduces the risk of breakdowns when driving through deserts or roads with water barriers. In fact, this design is a modernized air intake, thanks to which only clean air, devoid of sand and water droplets, enters the car.

Snorkel design features

Purchasing a snorkel kit allows you to compensate for the shortcomings of the factory air intakes. After all, they are installed too low and often cannot provide the power unit and filter system with good performance under extreme driving conditions. The factory design captures air along with dust, dirt, water, which clogs the filters, and in the worst case, water hammer occurs.

Why buy a snorkel

To protect the car engine from breakdowns, it is worth buying a universal snorkel. The pipe is usually raised above the level of the roof of the vehicle, attaching the mechanism to the pillar of the side windows.

Buying a snorkel in a store is worth it for a number of reasons:

  • reliable protection against water hammer;
  • increasing the resource of the filter system;
  • protection of the motor against overheating;
  • Peace of mind when traveling off-road.

Kits are available for sale with everything you need for installation, including an adapter and a set of fasteners, which guarantees a correct and reliable installation.

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