Longitudinal bars

Unfortunately, with a lot of advantages, UAZ off-road vehicles are also endowed with a fairly large number of design flaws. One of them is the not very successful longitudinal bars of the front suspension (they are also “clubs” or “guns” of the front axle).

It has long been established that the use of tuning sticks and changing the castor of the bridge by three degrees significantly improves the handling of the car. That is why the company redBTR has released rods with exactly these characteristics.

In addition, a slight rotation of the axle around its axis has a beneficial effect on the durability of the front axle shank, which is aligned and experiences less stress.

We also point out that the longitudinal bars of the front suspension redBTR shift the front axle by 10 mm., which allows without significant structural changes install larger wheels.

For sports and trophy use, we also offer UAZ front axle clubs made of solid, solid steel sheet. They are much stronger than regular ones, ready to endure loads that increase many times on the off-road.

And it must be remembered that in any version of the rod it is recommended to install with polyurethane silent blocks redBTR, which are much more durable than rubber ones.
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