With a lot of advantages, UAZ SUVs also have a number of well-known shortcomings. One of them is a leaky, often “snotty” cooling system. silicone tube kits redBTR for various engines UAZ 452 (loaf), Hunter and Patriot eliminate these issues once and for all. High-quality reinforced silicone is much more durable than ordinary rubber used in stock, does not dry out and does not lose tightness.

In addition, a common problem when driving off-road with fords is the failure of the cooling fan and the drive belt tensioner. Moisture with dirt quickly "kill" the bearing race.

redBTR and here comes to the rescue, giving the opportunity to purchase radiator cooling fan with IP67 security marking and dust and moisture resistant rollers.
For those who want to increase engine output a little, we can offer .

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