It is not uncommon for a car to seriously get stuck in viscous mud. But not always the driver has special devices with him to solve such a problem. A dynamic sling or cable is the best solution for those who regularly travel off-road and want to protect themselves from unforeseen situations.

Features of a dynamic line

The dynamic snatch cable primarily differs from the usual ability to greatly stretch and compress. And this is just what you need for SUVs with a lot of weight. Thanks to this property, even a towing vehicle with a lower weight will be able to pull a heavy car out of the mud, while not damaging either the cable or the structural elements of the machines themselves.

Why buy a snatch cable

Viscous road surfaces are especially dangerous for trucks and SUVs. In the case when it is impossible to pull out the car after the first jerk, the driver has to accelerate harder to rescue the stuck vehicle. But, this behavior can cause damage to both machines at once. Therefore, it is worth getting a jerky cable. The ability to stretch allows you to reduce the force of the jerk, and the vehicles will remain without damage.

It is very important to choose the right sling for the car. In particular:

  1. You need to choose the right load. For quality products, you can calculate it by multiplying the mass of the car by 2.
  2. Automobile dynamic cable should not be too strong, as the weight of the car is simply not enough to stretch the line.
  3. Consider the length of the product, which determines the price. Universal option - 9-11 meters.

After you buy a dynamic sling, it is very important to become familiar with the safety precautions. Do not immediately try to pull out the car at full strength. This is fraught with a torn towing eye. Take care of a secure fixation with a shackle. Remember that incorrect use of rigging elements can lead to damage to the vehicle and even injury to people.

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