UAZ clutch

The clutch of a car is used to temporarily disconnect the transmission of a car with a manual gearbox from the engine.
The clutch of UAZ Hunter, Patriot and the old cargo row consists of:
  • pressure disc with levers or diaphragm leaf spring;
  • driven disk with friction linings;
  • clutch release with bearing.
On UAZ vehicles with UMZ 451, 414, 417, 421 engines, a lever-type clutch was used, and on models with UMZ 4213, ZMZ 409 engines, as well as on GAZ vehicles with ZMZ 402, 410, 406, UMZ 4215, 4216 engines - petal ( diaphragm) type. Lever clutches are now less common due to the need to periodically adjust the height of the levers, which is not required in a diaphragm clutch.

How the clutch works

When the clutch pedal is pressed, excess pressure is created in the clutch master cylinder, which is transferred to the working cylinder, the rod of which pushes the fork on the ball bearing, which moves the clutch, creating pressure on the petals of the pressure plate spring, opens the kinematic connection with the driven disk.
The clutch resource averages about 100 thousand km. mileage and depends on the operating conditions of the vehicle.
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