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Rear brake kit for UAZ
17 870 rub.
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The importance of a good brake system cannot be overemphasized. And, unfortunately, we have to deal with the fact that UAZ cars bought new in the cabin already come with defective brakes. When braking hard, in particular, you can feel the beating in the steering wheel.

There is only one way out - to buy normal, high-quality parts of the brake system. redBTR offers proven perforated brake discs for UAZ of various models (including Profi) and GAZ Sobol, silent pads for the same cars. Also in the assortment are reinforced hoses of various characteristics. Their installation is important for cars that often go off-road, where there is a high risk of damaging a regular hose and losing brake fluid due to a leak, and hence the brakes themselves.

Yes, and extra security will never hurt a city car. Finally, our company offers disc brake kits for UAZ installed instead of the standard drum structure .

Drum brakes are ineffective, and in off-road conditions they can generally become clogged with wet dirt and completely lose their efficiency. We should not forget about such an unpleasant feature of the UAZ "drums" as a strong creakiness. Disc brake kits redBTR will solve this problem too.
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