Maintaining an SUV's transmission in good condition and upgrading it is one of the key factors in improving a vehicle's off-road performance and reliability when driving off-road.

Indeed, in difficult conditions, it is CV joints, axle shafts, main pairs and cardan shafts that take on the highest loads. And the driving mode itself determines the operation of the units at peak modes, and the enlarged wheels, which are most often installed on tuning SUVs, make the transmission parts “work” to the limit.

That is why you should buy and install the highest quality reinforced units from redBTR.

We offer powerful cardan shafts for UAZ Patriot, Hunter, Loaf, more durable CV joints and shafts for Timken, Spicer and military/gear axles (including reinforced side shafts for the latter).

Also in the assortment there are improved main pair gears and distributing boxes for all UAZ models with a modernized reduction. Their use will just make it possible to compensate for the installation of large and heavy wheels, the car will move off-road more confidently, without “twisting” the engine speed.

In addition, confident behavior in off-road conditions is provided by slip differentials. They work when slipping, partially “closing” the differential and distributing torque to both wheels of the same axle. Thus, the machine does not get stuck on slippery soils.

Please note that we offer self-blocks not only for UAZ SUVs, but also for Niva and Sheviniva (now called Niva Legend and Niva Travel).
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