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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the correct operation of the steering. This applies to both UAZ SUVs, and SUVs in general, and in general any cars. In this regard, reinforced steering tips redBTR for UAZ Hunter, Patriot, Loaf can be considered literally essential goods.

After all, the steering system suffers greatly from overloads on the road. Constant impacts when driving on a crossroads, enlarged wheels that stock units are not designed for - all this is capable of “knocking out” a standard tip in no time. That's why you need tuning, reinforced.

Let's not forget about the initially mediocre quality of factory parts. So for machines that are not used in harsh conditions, we would also recommend replacing steering tips to reinforced redBTR. It is noteworthy that these universal nodes are not too expensive than factory ones, while their “mileage” is incomparably higher.

The damper also plays an important role in the control system of the bridge machine. At the same time, it improves driving comfort on uneven surfaces (it hits the steering wheel less), and reduces the need to steer when driving at high speed on asphalt, and, in general, saves the resource of all components of the wheel position control system.
Please note that in the assortment redBTR are present as universal dampers for UAZ with "own" fasteners, and installed instead of the regular one.

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