It's no secret that regular UAZ driveshafts are not very durable. And if the machine is used in harsh conditions and with heavy loads, then an ordinary cardan becomes practically a consumable.

In this regard, redBTR designed and launched reinforced front and rear driveshafts for Hunter, Patriot, Simbir models. In addition to the fact that the design as a whole is well developed and calculated, the highest quality materials were used, an important and advantageous difference is double crosses (Hooke's hinge).

This technology allows the cardan to endure the constant change of angular loads when driving off-road much better.

Inside the hinge is a ball that centers and fixes the rotation of the two crosses. Installing the propeller shaft redBTR eliminates the non-parallelism of the axes of rotation of the transfer case and axle flanges, due to this, vibrations are minimized.

Another significant advantage is that redBTR cardan shafts are fully serviceable, which significantly increases their service life.

You can also buy a separate joint with a double cross, complete with a flange, or the cross with increased wear resistance.
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