Spare parts for ATVs

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Despite the permanent economic turmoil, ATVs in our country continue to gain popularity. Take the growing variety of brands, for example! International masters are also represented, such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, BRP, Polaris, and firms based in Russia - Stels, CFMOTO, Russian Mechanics, and, of course, the ubiquitous Chinese, like Kazuma and Hisun.

The list is naturally not complete, but regardless of production, all ATVs have one thing in common - difficult operating conditions. Even if the quadric is taken for summer outings, it still rides on water, sand, and mud. What can we say about sports application.

Accordingly, in any case, there is a need to buy high-quality, resource spare parts for ATVs. In particular, the company redBTR has introduced caprolon bushings for ATVs to its assortment. Frankly, I wonder why the ATV manufacturers themselves don't use them. After all, caprolon bushings are durable, do not deform and wear out slowly, perfectly resist both low and high temperatures, and are not afraid of moisture and dirt.

Original spare parts for ATV cannot boast of such characteristics. But the durability of components is very important for recreational and sports equipment, constantly experiencing high loads. And it is precisely the various suspension bushings that wear out very quickly and lose their working properties when driving over rough terrain. Separately, it is worth noting that caprolon not only surpasses any traditional soft materials, but is also not expensive. Therefore, when servicing shock absorbers, levers, knuckles of your ATV, you should choose exactly caprolon bushings.

We emphasize that in the production of fingers, cores, we use the so-called medical grade stainless steel 40X13. This heat-resistant martensitic steel is 100 percent resistant to aggressive environments and does not corrode at all. So you won't have any problems here either.

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