Striving for excellence and thirst for new things are the principles by which the redBTR company lives. Every year the product line is replenished with new positions, existing products are modernized. To date, the annual production volume reaches 6,000,000 units of goods.

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The first step that gives life to a new product or product line is an idea. It comes to mind after a thorough study of the market and understanding: redBTR knows how to do better, how to develop a product that is maximally adapted to the realities of Russian roads and off-road. We carefully select the materials for the future product, verify the technical parameters and, based on these characteristics, the design engineer prepares a technical task for the manufacturer - a drawing.

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After the transfer of the drawings to production, a test sample is made and sent for approval to the company's office. The period of anxious anticipation of the newly minted product is replaced by an active period of testing: in the technical laboratory, the "experimental" is checked for compliance with the declared physical parameters, and performance is confirmed during the installation of the part on one of the test vehicles of the redBTR fleet.

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If the product receives a positive conclusion based on the test results, it is launched into mass production. Otherwise, the identified shortcomings are fixed, a new technical specification is put in and the part is returned to the factory for revision, it is re-tested in laboratory and real conditions. Only after these procedures, in the image and likeness of a part that has passed strict control, the first batch of goods is produced.


The production processes are divided into three stages: casting, metalworking and assembly. 80% of machine tools and machining centers manufacturing redBTR products are made in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, USA. The influence of the human factor in production is minimized - process automation ensures high accuracy of operations and high-quality results.

Workshops with machining centers are the most loaded, most of the redBTR products or their parts are produced on their territory. Machines of this type carry out the entire cycle of operations: from setting the workpiece to finishing the product. Optimization of the production process reduces time costs and reduces operating costs. Therefore, the final products of the brand meet the key requirements: high-quality performance and cost not higher than the average market price.

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