Quality Policy

redBTR works well. We are responsible for the quality of products and services provided: from the choice of raw materials and the receipt of goods on display cases to warranty service and post-warranty customer support.

What does quality control mean at all stages of production? From the moment the design documentation is received from the redBTR design department for production, the fate of the future part or product is approximately the same. The first stage is obtaining a certificate of conformity from the factory laboratory, which checks the quality of the raw materials from which the product will be made.

With a positive conclusion from the laboratory, the technologist approves the mass production plan. After each operation on the line, specialists take measurements and, if necessary, make adjustments. The final stage is the submission of the finished part to the quality control service - here the inspector makes final measurements - with a positive conclusion, he gives permission for the production of a batch of goods.

All redBTR products are certified and meet international quality standards.

Wheels wheel – ISO/TS 16949:2002

Shock absorbers - ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 16949:2009

Brake discs – ISO 14001:2004

Steering tips and steering levers – ISO 14001:2004

Front axle couplings – ISO 9001-2008

The Certificate of Environmental Management System has been introduced at the production site ISO 14001:2004

redBTR pays special attention to obtaining documentary evidence of the quality of its goods

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