Tow shackle, soft soft shackle, shackle-eye characteristics, usage.

Shackles for towing and lebezhenie from the company redBTR.

Made of high-quality steel processed by hot forging and coated with protective paint. Shackles manufactured in different sizes of 13, 16, 20 and 23 mm are presented. They are used with various equipment from ATVs, to SUVs and tow trucks, with a maximum permissible load from 2 to 6.5 tons.

All shackles have a special marking indicating the maximum permissible load.

Shackles for towing Shackles with polyurethane insert ¾ inch reinforced shackle

Shackles with polyurethane insert in red and black. The polyurethane insert and rings allow you to protect the fastening elements from mechanical damage, thereby prolonging their service life. The maximum load is 5 tons.

¾-inch reinforced shackle, made of forged steel, painted with paint resistant to mechanical influences. Powerful and reliable, withstands a load of up to 8 tons.

Soft shackles
Soft shackles are flexible or soft shackles that are made of synthetic material. They are very easy and convenient to use. The main features of soft shackles are their security. In case of breakage, they do not lead to traumatic situations for both a person and a car. Versatility and speed of use allows them to be used with all types of rigging in hard-to-reach places. Soft shackles are almost weightless, they do not sink in water and can withstand high loads of 2.5, 8 and 12 tons.

Shackle-eye – used instead of the winch hook, but a safer and more reliable replacement. The eyelet is compatible with all types of cleats and guide rollers, is firmly fixed with a rope and a jackle, protects the synthetic cable from abrasion. The maximum load is 7 tons.

The warranty for redBTR products is 1 year. For all technical questions, you can contact our hotline 8 800 770-04-07.

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