11 October 2021

Off-road sand trucks. How to use it correctly.

Sand trucks redBTR anti-slip for off-road. How to use it correctly?

The tracks are designed for passing the car on unstable soils, such as sand, snow, clay, swamp, as well as for passing obstacles in the form of dead wood and coastal steps.

Recommendations for use:
  1. To increase the contact area of the wheel with the surface of the tracks, reduce the tire pressure.
  2. Remove dirt, sand or snow from under the wheels of the car.
  3. Place the tracks under the tires necessarily in the direction of movement of the car.
  4. And make sure there are no people within dangerous proximity.
  5. Slowly start driving on the track in low gear.
  6. Do not change the direction of movement by turning the steering wheel. If the wheel does not engage, shift the tracks.
  7. To complete a longer path, shift the tracks and repeat the steps until the unstable ground is completely passed.

Attention! Do not use anti-towing sand trucks as a ferry, bridge. This may cause damage to them.

Tracks made of metal are usually heavy and subject to deformation, so anti-towing sand trucks redBTR are made of nylon fibers using modern technologies, which provides them with flexibility and strength. Also, the nylon material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

A pair of sand trucks redBTR is able to withstand a load of up to 2 tons. Their size is 320 mm wide and 1200 mm long. They are light in weight. For convenience, the trucks have holes for attaching to the trunk and carrying.

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