17 February 2016

Winch maintenance

An electric winch is a complex technical device and requires periodic checks and regular maintenance. Vehicle winches should be serviced at least once every 12 months. With intensive use, it is recommended to carry out maintenance of the main winch components every six months.

The elements of the winch that require maintenance are an electric motor located in a durable cast iron housing, which is mounted on one side of the drum, and a planetary gear in an aluminum housing, located on the opposite side of the drum.

For checking and servicing the electric motor
Use a 10mm spanner. Unscrew the two mounting studs, remove them and remove the motor housing cover. Rotate the case, remove it from the bracket. Visually inspect the motor for moisture and dirt. If necessary, clean the interior with a tissue. When installing the electric motor on the bracket, check for the presence of the casing O-ring. Don't forget to insert the spring washer into the housing cover - there is a special recess for it. After carrying out the manipulations, put the cover back in place, tighten the studs.

To check and service the gearbox
Unscrew the bolts securing the gearbox cover with a hex wrench and remove it together with the gasket, remove the gearbox input shaft. Sequentially, one by one, remove the three stages of the gears of the gearbox, evaluate their condition, if there is dirt, it is necessary to wash the gears and the gearbox cavity with gasoline. Then install the gearbox drive shaft into the brake hole inside the drum. Assemble the gearbox by filling it with grease in sequence. The gearbox cover also requires maintenance: if necessary, it should be washed with gasoline and filled with grease. Keep the contact surface of the gearbox cover clean, when assembling the bracket and the gearbox cover, check for a gasket between them. Put the cover on the gearbox housing and tighten the mounting bolts.

For service of cuffs of arms
Dismantle the bracket assembly with the gearbox. To do this, unscrew the bolts fastening the couplers with a hex wrench, remove the gearbox assembly with the bracket, remove the cuff from the bracket body. Assess its condition and, if necessary, replace it with a similar one from the winch kit, lubricate the edges of the cuff with grease. When installing, orient the protrusion into the groove of the bracket. Do a similar operation with the cuff of the motor bracket.
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